Write to Be Remembered

Write To Be Remembered

Do you know anything about your great great grandparents, or even your great grandparents? I knew a couple of my great grandparents but remember very little about them. I remember some of the crazy things they did when the had Alzheimer’s and that’s about all. I don’t know what life was like for them or what they were like.

Think About It

It’s sobering to think that in 3-4 generations, most of us will be forgotten. Your likes and dislikes, all that you’ve accomplished, even what you look like, will at most be a vague memory of a dying generation.

How to Be Remembered

Even though the details about you may not be remembered, a part of who you are will live on. The words you speak, or write, or sing, and the actions you take will impact others and that part of you will live on. The best way to live on is to build character in yourself, then show that to the people in your life.

Words and the ideas they convey can change people. Putting words and ideas to song increases their potential to cause change. As a lyricist, you can pass on your character through your words to a global audience. Who you are can live on in people around the world. That’s an amazing opportunity! Use your lyrics for good and who you are will be remembered.

My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel-it is, before all, to make you see. - Joseph Conrad Click To Tweet

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