Write songs that build bridges

Write Songs That Build Bridges

Political events over the past year+ in the U.S. have brought to light some vast differences in the way people think. Music has been a guiding force in politics and it still can be. The question is, should it be used to build walls or bridges?

The Great Divide

The great divide between you and me, it’s not as big as we think it is. The same thing goes for you and the person you hate, you have more in common than not.

Do you tell yourself how different we are, or how similar? The story you tell yourself changes the story you tell in your music. Everyone has an accent, even you.

There are thousands of bridges crossing the few gaps between us. You can highlight the gaps, or you can show us a bridge. We might even walk across it and show you more empathy.

There are times when it’s necessary to build a wall, but it’s probably less often than you think.

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