Start With a Habit

Start With a Habit

It can be daunting to think about writing as big as an album or as small as a song. Even if you don’t have any ideas, you can start with a habit. Develop a habit of writing on a daily basis and don’t worry what you’re writing about.

How to Start

It’s great to dream about writing for an hour or two (or more) a day, but that’s probably not realistic if you’re starting from nothing. Start with a small amount of time, like five or ten minutes. If your goal is to write for an hour a day, it’s easy to say “I just don’t have time today.” If it’s ten minutes, it’s a lot easier to put off the less important things since it’s just ten minutes. And even if you’re not feeling it that day, you can do it, because it’s just ten minutes.

Set a timer for ten minutes every day and write about anything, the ideas will come. When they do, you may find yourself writing for longer than that ten minutes. You don’t have to go more than ten minutes if you don’t want to. It can actually be beneficial to stop before you’ve run out of ideas. If you stop before you’re out of ideas you’ll have a great place to start the next time.

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