Change Your Songwriting Setting

Change your songwriting setting. Go somewhere you don't normally go and write!

If you always write your songs in the same spot, you may benefit from a change in your songwriting setting. Changing things up can help boost your creative process, and location is something that’s fairly easy to change.

Benefits of Changing Your Songwriting Setting

There are a number of ways you can use a location change to your benefit. One way is to think of the way you want a song to feel or the way you want listeners to feel, then find a location that gives you that feeling. For instance, if you’re writing a song about fear and you’re afraid of heights, you could write in a tall overlook that has a glass bottom. Or if you’re writing a peaceful song, write in a secluded area with a nearby river.

You can also use the natural surroundings of the location to help write your song. Listen to conversations to help with lyrics. Record sounds to help select your notes. Listen for repeating sounds to create your tempo or even the beat.

You could also just change the position that you’re writing in to change your perspective. You’re probably used to writing sitting down. Why not try standing, kneeling, or lying down?

Where to Write?

Here are some interesting places to write:

  • In a cab, Uber, or Lyft.
  • On a bus.
  • On an airplane (for these first three, try to finish an album or song in the time it takes to go from a to b as a challenge).
  • In the dark, using a recording device to capture everything.
  • At a restaurant.
  • In your car (parked of course).
  • In a hotel room.
  • On a roof.
  • In a boat.
  • At a cemetery.
  • In a closet.
  • Under a desk.
  • In a tree or treehouse.
  • On a swing.

There are so many ways to be creative with this. Go somewhere you don’t normally go and write!

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