Creating Topical Lists

Topical Lists

This weeks exercise is short and simple, creating topical lists. Get a stopwatch or a way to keep track of time, some paper, and a pen or pencil. Make lists about each of these topics for a five minute period – one subject per day.

  • Sunday – All the uses for a violin bow that you can think of.
  • Monday – All the bands you can think of.
  • Tuesday – What would be possible if humans had twelve fingers?
  • Wednesday – All the household items you could make an instrument out of – see the video below for inspiration.
  • Thursday – Every item you can see from where you’re sitting.
  • Friday – The strangest superhero powers you can think of.
  • Saturday – The most unique/quirky/creative people.

I don’t listen to much popular music but I do enjoy Andrew Huang, his musical creativity is a joy to watch. Watch Hit Songs of 2016 Performed With Household Items for some ideas on household items that can be used as instruments.

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