Write an Album Worth Hearing

Write an Album Worth Hearing

Singles are becoming the standard for songwriting. If you want to write an album, you have to give listeners a compelling reason to listen to it. You do have to have music that people want to hear, but there are ways you can make an album interesting: give it a theme and/or tell a story.


An album could be themed based on specific songwriting limitations. Maybe the first letter of the first word from each song spells something. Maybe you build an instrument and use it in each song or use a standard instrument in unusual ways in each song.

You can also make an album theme based on a topic. Find a topic you love, something you’re passionate about and is broad enough that you can’t cover it in one song. If you already have an idea for a song, see if it fits into a larger idea or theme. If you already have a catalog of single songs, find the ones that fit into a larger theme before making them into an album. The more original or unusual your topic, the more likely people will be interested.


Stories draw people in. It can be difficult to tell a story in one song since it’s a short format, but having a whole album to tell an overarching story will give you an opportunity to tell a different aspect in each song.

Telling your story behind your album can also draw people in. It’s easier than ever to share why your music exists and that can set you apart from other musicians. Telling your story and making it easily accessible is a good way to help new listeners find you.

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