This Happens All Day Every Day

This Happens All Day Every Day – A Songwriting Prompt

This is the first of my monthly songwriting prompt posts. From now until I decide to change things up, the first post of the month will be a songwriting prompt.

As I watched the sunrise over the ocean one morning on vacation, it hit me: this thing that I’m watching is happening all day, everyday, somewhere. Right now, as you read this, a sunrise is happening. And on the other side, a sunset.

Most of the time we only get the opportunity to see one of each per day. That might seem like thousands of missed opportunities per day, and in a sense it is. But it also makes those moments that much more special. If at any moment we could go out and see the sunrise, it wouldn’t be any less magnificent or beautiful, but it would be less unique.

This month, be aware of everything you experience. Look for one of those unique experiences and write about it.

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