Rediscover Curiosity

Rediscover Curiosity

Curiosity starts at a young age. When you don’t know much of anything, almost anything is interesting. It doesn’t take long before kids start asking “What’s that?” or “Why?” Unfortunately, most of us stop asking those questions far to early in life. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to seem inferior for not knowing, or maybe we just aren’t interested anymore.

Regardless of why, if you’ve lost your curiosity, it’s worth getting back again for a number of reasons. You can retain information better, increase your empathy, and improve your creativity along with many other benefits.

Here are some ways you can cultivate your curiosity:

  • Spend time with a kid, especially if you can watch them experience something new.
  • Ask “Why?”, “What’s that?” and “How does that work?”
  • Explore a subject in a new way through lyrics.
  • Pick a favorite song of yours and figure out what makes you like it so much. Is it the melody, lyrics, rhythm, etc.?
  • Pick a popular song and figure out why people like it so much.
  • Ask what people like about your songs.
  • Learn a new way to market your songs.

If you’re reading this post, you have at least some curiosity. Don’t let it stop here!

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